Stray Shots Vol. 1

by Hollywood FLOSS

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Hollywood FLOSS showcases his lyricism!


released May 1, 2011

Written by: Hollywood FLOSS



all rights reserved


Hollywood FLOSS Houston


Repping the city of Houston, TX Hollywood Floss doesn't favor the usual southern rap artist. With influences such as Andre 3000, Nas, Prince and Eminem, Floss is bringing a fresh air to the new generation of Hip-Hop by producing meaningful music and bringing back a conscious dynamic with his lyricism. ... more

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Track Name: Take Notice
Yea I'm hardworking and dedicated ... Never Faded
or phased by the fact I ain’t never made it
To the top of this mountain ... Steady Climbing
Built for all terrain and any climate
Every bar I drop jewels call em’ precious diamonds
Gabourey Sidibe couldn't block my shining...
I'm joking but Google it for the slow learners
Leader of this rap rebellion music's Nat Turner
Take the shackles off and free your mind
Don’t let whips and chains be how your success defined
And the game designed ... for us all to lose
Record labels napping in the office yea they snooze
On The real talent they think we WANT change
We just want equal balance and a fair game--->
Throwaway the politics and favor towards the big names
But they do the same and have No sense of Shame
WOW! ... Tracks I set aflame and leave burning
No one raps after me I'm like a judge call it adjourning
Early dismissal cause they raps dismal
Make me sick to my stomach pass the Pepto Bismol
Ughhh! My Throwaway rhymes better than LP's
Put my stamp on the game... You could mail me
Signed Sealed Delivered I NEVER LOSE
My music strong enough to make a Buckingham Palace Guard Move

Track Name: Black Balled
Once loved in my city now I'm feeling black balled
Want my career to drop in a hole like an eight ball
But I see through the fog, even more through the shallow
Funny how they love you when you waiting in the shadows
Peep round that curtain ... and get a little spotlight
And they gone put a hault to your shine like a stoplight
Jealousy a disease that feeds insecure
Somehow I handle it well like a manicure
I'm a man assured, Nah Man on Fire
Treat everyday like I'm Training Denzel desire
Washington’s I'm chasing, Grants and Ben Franklins
Always pacing, never get Impatient
That’s real talk word to FABOLOUS LP's
Day y’all defeat me is the day that hell freeze
So say y’all Hail Mary's praying for my demise
My flows like a river you can get baptized
Or drown in it ... They say the weak sink
Don’t hold your breath if saving you's what you think
I'd ever do ... remember I'm the clever dude
Forgive not forget is always my attitude
And cause of Haters the sky is my altitude
And cause of Fans I'll always show gratitude
Nothing without ya everything withcha
Like a Photographer just hope you get the picture
Track Name: The Comeback
Something special when you hear it these weak dudes fear it
But they will never take my heart body or my spirit
Uplifted and rated amongst the all time greats
They say I have potential and what it really takes
So the stakes is high like Maseo and Pos
Now every bar I write has to be colder than Jack Frost
Cause I refuse to lose put me in the winners bracket
I flex on tracks like Lex Luger I’m the total package
Unwrap it the present and the future mixed in one
With Rounds of Ammunition like I pack a Gatling gun
For fun I'm stomping on your hopes and crushing dreams
Survival of the fittest and YOUR looking lean
Body Builder flow every line on steroids
And the substance I bring is fresher than an Altoid
Got em' paranoid when A&R's compare
You against me please that really isn’t fair
A candle to a sun a rookie versus a vet
Charter plane to a jet a pinto versus a corvette
I got now I got next FLOSS a true double threat
Rapper and Producer bet on both like you playing Roulette
And your sure to win cause losing's not an option
I'm up against the ropes fighting everyday like I'm boxing
And yeah I hear their jabs but I'm focused on the Knockout
Cause they not really in the picture like they been cropped out !
Track Name: None of Yall Better
Kick rap games door down yea I'm off the hinges--->
Spitting sharper bars than Red Cross syringes
Check the forensics I murder these beats
Twisted rapper MC with a Jigsaw mystique
and you dead meat if you go against me
Have better luck seeing a homerun from an amputee
No Hands I guess I'm on my Wale and Waka
Poisonous flow... rap games Black Mamba
24 7 deliver dangerous 16's ...
That’s Kobe Odom and Gasol with the pen ink
Go for the title so don’t get in between
Cause One line could cause me to rupture your spleen
Internal bleeding or a head contusion
Rappers in Houston none of y’all better stop the confusion
Must be a delusion get a better conclusion
I'm the Original y’all just Jordan fusions
Not even Retro, I swear I spit petro
Every time I open my mouth and let my words GO!
No Common or John Mayer
They won’t get that last line but I world I Swea-yuh
I serve more lines than a tennis players
This one's for all the hater's and the constant naysayers
Linked with my homie ... Hash the RAP MA-YOR
Game been over ... y’all should say a Pray-YER