House of Dreams

by Hollywood FLOSS

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Witty lyrics and booming soulful beats provide for an innovative musical adventure dream for the ears. Dont miss one moment to hear this music!


released May 1, 2010

Written & Executive Produced by Hollywood FLOSS



all rights reserved


Hollywood FLOSS Houston


Repping the city of Houston, TX Hollywood Floss doesn't favor the usual southern rap artist. With influences such as Andre 3000, Nas, Prince and Eminem, Floss is bringing a fresh air to the new generation of Hip-Hop by producing meaningful music and bringing back a conscious dynamic with his lyricism. ... more

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Track Name: House of Dreams
(Verse 1)

I'm Hip Hop with a different type of feel
Barry Bonds Flow completely left field
Home-run metaphors I'm over your head
to expensive to get me I'm overhead
what theses rappers depict is movie scripts
never saw uzi clips just Stanley Kubrick flicks
The truth shines down exposing you pricks
No Love for music heartless like Kanye chicks
The Industry will crush your soul if you let it
Balance my mind not my heart I'm level headed
!2 steps ahead i can spare a relapse
I liven up beats y'all monotone acts
Mundane... I run the game... Usain
perfect balanced substance beam Ukraine
Allow me to take reign my plane
first class seat welcome to house of dreams

(Verse 2)

You out your mind thought i'd stop after one round
Moe's Tavern Cheers flow best bars in town
So drink Up Let my music soak in
151 everyline po-tent
I'm all In, No arguments
So cool make ya girl shirt pitch tents
scouts honor I promise your honour
I'm only here to terminate careers sarah connors
They say I'm Hollywood I say damn right
Tell me to come back I tell em' I'm mid-flight
destined for limelight got the green Light
No traffic in sight kiss my rear lights
caution slow down your killing them
I hope they keep up so i can Mike Jack Thrill em'
I Moonwalk The track cant forget the glove
and when we get together its like we making Love
Track Name: He's Back
(Verse 1)

Kill Beats Thrill Seak
Nerd but I'm from the streets
Bout to lap you rappers welcome to my music track meet
Baton pass hell no yall lookin snail slow
I want some competition but i keep raisin the hurdles
My bars higher flow tighter i'm sharp as barbwire
yall still question yourselves "Mrs. Doubtfires"
But I doubt i miss fire word to Agent Zero
put the pressure on the line Reggie Miller at the free throw
Pace myself forward progression never lateral
tunnel vision I'm focused like photographers on adderall
After all Hollywood's raps new admiral
Incomparable Truth in the booth No parables
Legendary I am Will Superior skill and still ill
Concert Thief put me on bills steal shows for real
Hold the mic for ransom take possession of your fans
Exit stage Left leaving the arena smokin' (cmon)

(Verse 2)

My nights Spotlights
Never leave the limelight
Honestly most of these Houston rappers
dont rock the mic right
Too many Bleek ca-reers not enough Jay-Z's
Their nose stopped up and they cant smell the daises
And just to think they thought my vision was crazy
But directed my film better than Martin Scorsese
Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg
crazy how i spill words and manipulate ill verbs
Park em on tracks for curb side hearing
no stick shift my flow is automatic gearing
and the women stay cheering for my lyric engineering
rated AG all good you say i'm top billing
But dont hurt they feelings cash high as Yao Ming ceiling
rappers hear my music and hide they own like gun concealing
I'm done pretending I aint the best thats an act
You say you wanted more well guess what FLOSS back!